Sunday, November 30, 2014

Snippet Sunday: A Quiet Interlude

Another passage from our manuscript, taking place shortly after where we've been the last couple of weeks. This has our supporting characters Rachel and Olivia at home together in New York after a long day. We'll be picking up with the second half of this interlude next week.

Olivia settled into bed late in the evening, feeling Rachel’s arms wrap around her from behind, snuggling close to her. She smiled at the contact, at the feeling of her hands, and drew one up to her lips, kissing it, knowing how Rachel liked that. “Hey, lover,” Olivia softly greeted her in the darkness.
“Hello, sweetness,” Rachel replied, her voice intoxicating.
“Long day?” Olivia asked, kissing her fiancee’s hand again.
“Yes, but a good one. I saw she handles that job…”
Olivia sighed; she’d always been astonished by any doctor who had the fortitude to tackle that damned disease. “She compartmentalizes it a lot, doesn’t she?” she asked. She thought briefly of Gabriel and Chloe, of the same damned disease that was robbing Chloe of her mother. Small world, she thought.
“Lots of oncologists tend to do that,” Rachel remarked.


  1. I was really hoping we'd have the new backdrop up and the post we talked about (now I can't remember what it was--getting old sucks)!

    Somehow, I've never quite seen Olivia as "sweetness." Rachel, but not Olivia. Passionate, fierce...but not quite sweet....

  2. I think that's just an in between them sort of name, but I can see what you mean about Olivia!

  3. Well done on the comfortable banter between the two. Natural coming home and being able to talk about the day. I also like Olivia's inner thoughts.