Sunday, November 9, 2014

Snippet Sunday: Breakfast With Gram

Another short passage from our manuscript, this featuring Gabriel paying a visit to his grandmother in Ireland at the end of a working trip in the British isles....

Saturday morning saw Gabriel awake early. After checking out of the hotel, he drove out of Galway in a rental, along the familiar roads to Headford. It wasn’t long until he was in the town, pulling into a parking space by his grandmother’s home. Bridget was already awake, greeted him with a hug, fussed over him, and brought him back to the kitchen, where she was engaged in making pancakes. The smell of cinnamon, sugar, and flour filled the room.

“So, Gabriel,” she said breezily. “Tell me about it.” 
 “About what?” he asked, digging into a pancake.  
“Something’s changed about you,” she remarked. 
 He smiled. “Can’t get anything past you, could I?”


  1. I've always loved the relationship between Gabriel and Bridget....

  2. She's sharp as a tack, that one. Good snippet, Scarlet and James.

  3. Bridget is so intuitive. I wonder what changed in him so obviously.

  4. Nicely wrought scene. And now I want pancakes.