Sunday, June 1, 2014

Snippet Sunday: At The Door

Another passage today from our manuscript Same Time Tomorrow, picking up from last week, with Chloe and Gabriel heading for her condo.

           She led the way, and the woman ahead unlocked a door, stepping into her own condo. Chloe led the way, moving quickly, down the hall, and he stayed with her.
She stopped at one door, at the end of the hall, reaching into her purse, taking out her keys. He came close behind her, wrapping his arms around her stomach, his lips brushing against her shoulder, kissing her neck. “Oh, God,” she moaned, urgently unlocking the door, opening it. His hands traveled up, cupping her breasts, feeling the fabric of a bra beneath the silk shirt, and he craved to take it off. She groaned again. “Get in here, Gabriel,” she muttered, her voice full of desire and want. Chloe stepped into the apartment, and he picked up the luggage, following her inside, into what awaited them.


  1. Hey that's not fair! Does this pick up where it left off next week?

  2. Very nice... you've really captured the moment when the passion is loosed.

  3. *hopes there are no security cameras in the hallway...*