Sunday, June 22, 2014

Snippet Sunday: Hot And Bothered

A passage again from Same Time Tomorrow. We're picking up where we left off a couple of weeks back.

Gabriel let his hands wander over her, feeling her welcome body on top of his, their kiss growing deeper, more passionate. This is where I belong, he thought. Her hands were wandering too, over his shoulders, down his arms, her arousal matching his own. God, I want you so much, Chloe… He could feel her breasts pressed tight against him, craved to see her out of the blouse, out of the bra, wanted to lick and kiss her nipples. 
  They shifted on the couch, and she moved a hand down between them, finding the hardness of his erection, her fingers stroking it even through the jeans, getting him even harder. He groaned softly at her touch, and slid his right hand down her stomach, finding her waist. She pulled back slightly, looking into his eyes, and he slid a hand into her pants, beneath her panties. First he felt the soft curls, the heat of her body, her bare skin… and then he slid a finger inside her.


  1. Whoa! I forgot how hot some of these scenes are!

  2. Nice scene. Lots of heat, but I love his thought of "This is where I belong," That one line turns it from straight out sex to something deeper. Nice job.

  3. Wow--very hot but very emotional!


  4. We definitely went with steam for their scenes together.