Sunday, October 7, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

We'll try to remember to do this every Sunday in the future. With Same Time Tomorrow nearly finished, we've had our hands full...and for once, not only with each other! And you can find us today as well at Beishir Books, where we're guest posting on writing erotica. One of our very favourite subjects....


Chloe knew she had to start thinking about funeral arrangements...but how could she, when she couldn't even wrap her mind around the reality of her mother's death?

Mom, you can't be gone. I can't accept that I'll never see you again, she thought as she went through Linda's closet, trying to decide what her mother should wear. What she'll be buried in. What she'll be wearing the last time I'll ever see her....

I couldn't get through this without Gabriel....


  1. An excellent selection!

    Very sombre at this point in time....

  2. I like this excerpt. It shows another side to the character, and the death of a parent, esp the mother, is really really hard.

  3. I guess even sex maniacs have the occasional sad moments.

  4. Awe...

    Hugs and chocolate,