Friday, January 25, 2013

You Take The High Road, I'll Take The Low Road

It's Robert Burns Day, to those of Scottish roots, marking the birthday of the poet. It's a Scots national holiday, marked with the eating of a dish called haggis and the drinking of whisky. We thought we'd mark the day with one of his poems... and a bit of mischief. 

My Bonnie Mary

Go fetch to me a pint o'wine
An' fill it in a silver tassie,
That I may drink, before I go,
A service to my bonnie lassie.
The boat rocks at the pier o' Leith,
Fu' loud the wind blaws frae the ferry,
The ship rides by the Berwick-law,
And I maun leave my bonnie Mary.
The trumpets sound, the banners fly,
The glittering spears are rankèd ready;
The shouts o' war are heard afar,
The battle closes thick and bloody;
But it's no the roar o' sea or shore
Wad mak me langer wish to tarry;
Nor shout o' war that's heard afar--
It's leaving thee, my bonnie Mary!  ~ Robert Burns


  1. Happy Robbie Burns Day!

    Whatever you do... don't eat the haggis.

  2. Haggis...ewwwww! I'm mostly Scot, but I guess I get my taste buds from the French side of the gene pool!

  3. Very funny! A girl looking up a guys skirt.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  4. And those were the kilt pictures fit for publication!