Sunday, January 4, 2015

Snippet Sunday: A Breakfast Mishap

Hello and welcome to 2015! We're starting the year with a light scene between Chloe and Gabriel at breakfast time. Gabriel is a pretty good cook... while Chloe tends to burn water.

By the time they were finished, he was no longer sure that Chloe could learn. Half a dozen eggs ended up in the garbage disposal. They had more flour on themselves than they did in the biscuit batter. Half a pound of bacon gave new meaning to "crispy." Gabriel did manage to salvage enough for a decent meal in spite of Chloe's failure.  Chloe frowned ruefully, shaking her head at the mess they had made, and smiled.  So much for trying to learn to cook, she thought.
"That's not so bad for a first attempt," he told her.
"Not ready to give up on me yet?" she asked.
He winked. "Never."


  1. When it comes to domestic skills, Chloe's pretty hopeless.

  2. Which makes her all the more endearing.

  3. I guess Gabriel will have to do the cooking. :) Great snippet!

  4. My roommate cooks the same way...

  5. Sounds like my mom and older daughter's cooking.