Sunday, February 1, 2015

Snippet Sunday: Musings Of A Sandcastle

Returning to the fray this week with a quiet moment between our protagonists....

There was just the trace of a smile, and he held her gaze for a moment. He flipped pages, finding the picture of her as a child, on the beach, in profile, staring at the water. “I was wondering what you were thinking when this picture was taken.” 
 She laughed. I was five, Gabriel. I was probably wondering why the water was cold, or why my sand castle was dissolving. 
He smiled, and flipped through a couple of pages in the other photo album, finding the picture from the White Mountains, the mist swirling around the peaks. I really like this one.


  1. Yes. Happy birthday, Sir Wills. Good snippet!

  2. I love her answer about what she was thinking. Sweet scene.

  3. What a wonderful scene .... I like the contrast between his question and her very realistic answer. love it.

  4. Love the contrast between her practical answer and his nostalgic memory.