Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snippet Sunday: Fainting Fathers

Our Snippet Sunday today comes from early on in Same Time Tomorrow, early in the narrative, with Gabriel seeing Olivia back to her place, where her fiancee Rachel is at home, having had been at the hospital where she works delivering babies into the world...

            “Oh, that’s fine,” Olivia assured her, the two women pulling out of their embrace. “Gabriel and I had fun. It ended a bit earlier than we expected. What about you? Any problems with the baby?”
            “No, the delivery went fine. Six pounds, three ounces. Perfect baby girl. The baby and the mother are doing fine. The father nearly fainted in the delivery room, mind you, but all came through well. Gabriel, it’s good to see you. How was Norway?”
            “Cold,” Gabriel replied with a warm smile. “I’ll be heading off, you two….”
            “That’ll give Rachel a chance to get me out of this dress,” Olivia said.
            Rachel laughed. “Olivia, you’re outrageous, you know that?”
            “Yes. You are going to get me out of this dress, aren’t you?”