Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snippet Sunday: A Married Rascal

Another passage from Same Time Tomorrow. This is set in the midst of the story in the Lake District in England, where Gabriel is on a photo assignment with a colleague, whose wife has joined them for a couple of days.

             Helen came forward, and hugged Gabriel. She was Terrys age, just a bit of grey in her chestnut brown hair, her green eyes light and carefree. Unlike her usual academic businesslike attire, she was dressed casually, much like her husband. Hello, Gabriel, she said with a warm smile.
            Youre still married to this rascal?
Yes, well, Im rather fond of him.
            Told you, didnt I? Terry remarked.
            I just got down myself. Shall we eat? Gabriel suggested.
            Just as long as you dont keep calling me a rascal, Terry declared.
            Helen laughed and patted his arm. Oh, but darling, you are a rascal.


  1. Makes me wonder why he's a rascal. Sounds like they're all good friends.

  2. I'm also curious. Nice banter.

  3. So he's a rascal. They're the most fun to write.

  4. I'm a little confused as to who's who and who's with whom, but it is a fun snippet.

  5. I wrote this segment, and I tend to like writing rascals. The problem, of course, with such short segments, is they can be taken out of context!