Sunday, July 13, 2014

Snippet Sunday: World Domination

Today we're going with another piece from the manuscript, with Gabriel and Terry trapped at their lodgings in the Lake District, with not much to do but playing chess...

Terry smiled. "Care for a game?" he asked, as if seeing an easy mark.
I must be bored out of my mind to play that, Gabriel thought to himself. He came over regardless, sat across from his friend, and looked at the line of pawns. He glanced up at Terry, who seemed to smile in a way that indicated he knew something Gabriel did not. Oh, why not? “What are we playing for?”
“Nothing much. Just world domination.” Terry laughed.
“Oh? Just that, huh?”


  1. Yep...he'd have to be bored out of his mind!

  2. I love chess. I suck at it, but I love it. I do wonder what Terry's up to, though...

  3. Terry is one of those characters who's been fun to write.

  4. I think "world domination" might not be as flippant as Gabriel thinks. Fun snippet, William. :)

  5. Interesting, the mention of pawns, then world domination. Hmm...

  6. Chess is the first step for World Domination lol, nice one!