Sunday, December 9, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

For this week's Six Sentences, we're putting the spotlight on the mother of the bride, Linda, who is dying. She has pancreatic cancer and only a very short time left. Her last wish is to attend Chloe and Gabriel's wedding, and for that reason, they've rushed to make it happen....

Linda watched them in silence as they spoke the vows they'd written. She blinked back a tear. Thank You, Lord, for allowing me to be here with Chloe on this day. Thank you for sending Gabriel into her life, for letting me get to know him. Now I can leave this world in peace...almost.

Forgive me for not being able to let go of my anger at Jay for what he did to her. It's his loss, after all...never knowing the woman his daughter has become....


  1. And as you can imagine, writing this sort of material tends to get more than a little rough...

  2. Cliffhanger! I want to know what Jay did!

  3. I love your six sentence Sundays.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  4. Jay was a rather poor excuse for a human being, so...

    And thank you!