Sunday, December 2, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Today we have another Six Sentence Sunday, and this is taken from early on in Same Time Tomorrow. One of our two main characters, Gabriel Miller, having had finished a photo assignment in Scandinavia, has stopped in Ireland to pay a visit to his grandmother Bridget, who lives there in retirement, the last living member of his family. Before going to see her, he is having a moment of reflection near a church in her hometown, Headford, in County Galway.

St. Mary's Parish, Headford, Ireland

His work kept him on the road. It also rewarded him with the chance to travel, but from time to time, he felt this way. That he was missing something, and the absence troubled him. Coming home to an empty home, lad. That’s what’s bothering me. Gabriel shook his head, banishing the thought, and walked back towards the car.