Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snippet Sunday: A Drunken Lout

We have another Snippet Sunday blog today from Same Time Tomorrow, this one from early in the manuscript with Gabriel at a bar in Norway, where he happens upon a man he knows and dislikes...

            “Allow me,” Gabriel told him before he could move. He walked down the length of the bar, hearing the voice, an American.
“Come on now, darling, what’s your hurry?” The voice sounded slurred. Yes, of course. He’s been drinking.
“Do you mind, lad?” Gabriel said in his most condescending tone, his Irish accent clear. “After all, the lady has no idea where a dog like you has been.” The man turned, releasing his hold on the waitress. She stepped away, a look of gratitude in her eyes for Gabriel’s intervention. “Where are your manners, Jeremy?”
Jeremy stared at Gabriel for a moment, and then seemed to recognize him. “Miller? What are you doing here?” His tone was sneering, contemptuous.


  1. Ah, yes...the Rat Bastard himself!

  2. I guess it's going to get messy if not downright nasty. Vivid snippet.

  3. Ah, at least they're equal in their animosity. Good snippet. :)

  4. Now I'm almost expecting them to jump at each others' throat.