Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snippet Sunday: A Rotten Day

Another Snippet Sunday post today, with a short passage from our work Same Time Tomorrow. This features our leading lady Chloe early in the story, having a rough day that just keeps getting rougher....

By the time Chloe left the office that evening, the rain had stopped, but her troubles hadn't. She had no sooner left the building and was standing at the curb than a passing truck hit a large puddle and sent a torrent of muddy water her way.
"Damn!" she shouted as the light changed, allowing her to finally cross the street to the bus stop... just as the bus pulled away.
She decided to walk. As she reached Central Park, she saw a couple in a horse-drawn carriage, locked in an embrace. He's probably just proposed. In a horse-drawn carriage in Central Park, Chloe thought with disdain. Now he'll take her to dinner at an elegant restaurant. Then they'll have an inexcusably expensive wedding with five hundred of their closest friends, a honeymoon in some exotic location, and end up divorced.


  1. I have to wonder if she's really that cynical or if it's just the product of a bad day. Either way, great snippet!

  2. She has reason to be cynical and jaded... but it's a good place for her story to start out from.

  3. She was quite cynical at the start. It only took Barry Manilow and a rather charming Irishman on an online message board to change her attitude!