Wednesday, September 29, 2010

About that cherry cordial....

Scarlett and I are giving a preview scene of our pair; the first part is her writing, the second is mine:
“Do you like cherry cordials?” Chloe asked.
Gabriel lay supine on the bed, naked, his arms folded behind his head. “As a matter of fact, I do,” he said.
“Good.” she took off her mauve silk robe and sat on the bed next to him. “These are the best,” she told him, taking one from a box on the nightstand. She fed it to him. “Liquid centers. Much better than that sugary crap.”
“I’d rather eat you.” He reached for her, but she pulled away.
“Ladies first,” she told him with a wicked smile. She took a piece of the candy and bit into it. Then she held it out as if offering it to him, but instead allowed the sweet liquid to trickle down over his neck.
“Hey!” he laughed.
She lowered her head, licking it off him. She liked the taste and texture of his flesh better than the liquid. She liked everything about him: his scent, the coarseness of the hair on his chest, the firm muscles of his shoulders, arms, abdomen, his long legs. She wanted to taste every part of this man who’d captivated her long before she’d even seen his face.
How did this happen? she wondered. How had he gotten past the wall she’d erected around her heart? How had he managed to get into the deepest part of her soul?
She tried to shut out the feelings that demanded to be acknowledged. She focused on his body, his delicious body. Can’t feel, she told herself. The sex is good. That’s enough. Feelings will ruin everything. If I tell him, he’ll leave. It’s better this way.
He tried again to take her in his arms, but she resisted. “No,” she told him. As much as she wanted that, wanted him to hold her and tell her everything would be all ht, she kept her attention on his body. She kept kissing him, licking him all over…his shoulders…his chest…his flat, firm abdomen…his groin….
He was erect, ready to take her. She wanted him inside her. She wanted to be joined to him in every way. But no…she couldn’t. As long as she didn’t allow herself to love him, he would stay. If she told him, he would bolt. He would leave her.
She pulled away. “What’s wrong?” Gabriel asked.
“Nothing,” she said, avoiding eye contact. She took another cordial from the box and took a small bite from it. Then she allowed the liquid center to run down over his penis. Impulsively, she kissed him full on the mouth, pushing the cherry from her mouth to his. Then her attention returned to his cock. She started licking it, licking the sweet fluid off it, her tongue moving up the shaft as she caressed his balls. She kissed it, licked it, then took it into her mouth and sucked on it. She could feel the tip of it at the back of her throat. He was ready, he was about to reach orgasm…and he abruptly withdrew.
He was pulling her up by her shoulders. She was on top on him, he was holding her there, pushing himself into her…she was impaled on his cock, and he was coming fast. Her head was spinning. She’d wanted him to do it in her mouth. She wanted to swallow it.
He let out a sound that almost sounded like a roar as his orgasm came. She felt her own orgasm at that same moment, and it was a wild, dizzying feeling that took her by surprise. She hadn’t even allowed him to fondle her. How….
Gabriel pulled her into his arms and held her close, stroking her hair. She whimpered softly against his chest, wanting to run, yet wanting to stay there with him indefinitely.
What am I going to do? Chloe asked herself.

Gabriel held Chloe close, his arms wrapped around her back, feeling her bare body pressed close to his. Her leg was draped over him, and her head rested beneath his chin. We fit so well together. The thought lingered there in his mind, a fact that he found comforting. At the same time, he wondered where this was going. The way we first came together? Would she even want more? He could feel himself grow hard, beneath her thigh, and heard a throaty chuckle out of her.
“Feel up for more?” Chloe asked him.
“I’m game if you are,” he replied.
She kissed him, her tongue probing against his, and moved her lips down his chin, his throat, back to his chest. Oh, God… the things she does to me. Her lips moved lower, down his stomach, to his groin. He looked down, saw her smile at his erect cock. Then she made her move. Her lips brushed up against the tip, driving him into a groan of pleasure, and she kissed and licked her way down the underside of the shaft, to his balls. Each kiss and lick sent him into a delirious state. “Oh, yesss.…” he moaned.
“Like that?” she asked. Her tongue stroked back up the length of his cock, and her mouth enveloped him. Gabriel groaned in anticipation and bliss as she sucked at his cock, as her tongue stroked and caressed the shaft. Her hands moved out over his stomach, up his chest, and he found his own hands reaching down, one touching her hands, another running through her tousled hair. Chloe kept sucking at him, driving him ever closer, and he could feel it coming. Oh God… what she’s doing to me…
He groaned again, his body tightening up, just in time. As he climaxed, he cried out. “Oh, God!!” Gabriel felt himself come, felt himself hit the top, and Chloe kept sucking at him, her tongue stroking, swallowing the thick warmth of him, seemingly not getting enough of him. Gradually, he felt himself subsiding, and she slowed herself, licking at a more leisurely pace.
Finally, she was done, withdrawing from him, smiling deliriously at him. “If I haven’t mentioned this before, I love the way you taste when you come.”
He smiled too, pulling her up into his arms. They kissed each other once more, their bodies urgent, their hands exploring and fondling. He rolled her over onto her back, moving on top of her, gazing down at her. My God, she is so beautiful, he thought. She smiled at him, and he glanced over at the nearby nightstand, seeing the cordials still there, still waiting. He kissed her once more, moving downward, his lips peppering her chin and throat with kisses. Reaching for the cordials, Gabriel took one, biting it open. He let the liquid drain out between them, between the swell of her breasts. “Turnabout is fair play, you know,” he remarked.
She smiled blissfully, and he lowered his head, licking the sweetness of the liquid off her flesh. I could do this forever…He moved his lips up to her left breast, letting his left hand stroke and caress her right breast. Her nipple came under his lips, and he kissed and sucked, his teeth lightly nibbling. A soft cry of pleasure came out of her at that, and he moved lower. Now his kisses traveled over the flat stomach, and his body shifted lower. Her legs spread wide for him, and he turned his attention first to her inner thighs, his lips kissing each in turn. Gabriel glanced up, seeing Chloes’ eyes close briefly, her face an expression of joy. He moved his lips ever closer, first brushing against the sparse pubic hair. Her scent… it’s intoxicating.
He smiled again, his hands moving beneath her, shifting her butt slightly, pushing her up. And so he moved in. His lips kissed her along the outside of her pussy, and he heard her moan softly. And then he drove his tongue inside her pussy. She was already moist, either from their first orgasm of the evening, or working her way towards the second, and the taste of her was more than enough to get him hard. His tongue drove deep into her, licking and caressing her inner walls. Chloe gasped, her legs traveling over him, one leg hitching around his hip, another one wrapping around his back. Another sigh, and he knew she was close. His tongue continued to stimulate, to drive her ever closer, and he couldn’t get enough of her, his lips enveloping her, wanting this to last forever.
“Oh God!! Gabriel….yesss…” Chloe gasped. Her body clenched, as if bracing for what was to come, and she reached down, her hands stroking his unruly hair. “Ohhhhh, God!!!” she cried out as she climaxed. He licked deep, drinking of the moistness of her, addicted to her. Her groans and sighs continued as he licked, and finally, as she slowed down, he withdrew, gazing up at her. She was smiling blissfully at him, and he made his way up to her, kissing her deeply, feeling her arms come around him. “Thank you,” she said, catching her breath.
“Thank you,” he said, kissing her again. He settled against her, his head resting against her upper right breast, kissing the bare flesh. I wasn’t looking for this, he thought to himself. But this is where I belong.

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