Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Scarlett: Afterglow

Chloe's head was spinning. She lay back, gripping the sides of the large claw-footed tub to keep from slipping underwater. She gave a little laugh. That's it, idiot, she thought, drown in the throes of orgasm.

Gabriel made her crazy with his deep, sexy voice and wonderful Irish accent. He could take her places with his voice, his words that no other man had ever taken her when they were in bed with her. She got aroused at the sound of his voice. She reached orgasm as he spoke, telling her what he wanted to do to her.

She'd never had an orgasm with any other man.

She imagined what it would be like to have him here with her, holding her, touching her. She imagined the feel of his body, strong and hard, enveloping her as she lay back against him...his arms around her...his fingers, exploring her.

She closed her eyes and imagined his hands on her naked body..she fondled her breasts, gently pinching her nipples and wished he was doing it. She imagined his lips on her, kissing, nuzzling...her neck was so sensitive, just the thought drove her wild. The thought of him...yes...only him...kissing, caressing.

Oh, yes, Gabriel, she whispered. I want you, I do. God help me, I want to be there with you...I want you to do those things to me....
Her hand moved down, over her belly, down between her legs. There it was...her "sweet spot," already swollen with desire She touched it and immediately started to tremble. In her mind, her hand was on his, guiding him, showing him where she wanted to be touched. He knew what she liked, what she needed. He was rubbing her there, driving her crazy. Her fingers moved harder, faster, until she was gasping. "Oh, Gabriel!" she cried out, almost slipping underwater once again in ecstasy.

She was lightheaded when she finally managed to get out of the tub and wrap herself in a thick towel. She didn't get dressed right away. Instead, she got on the bed and curled up in a fetal position, wishing he was there with her, wanting more than anything else for him to just hold her....

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