Thursday, September 30, 2010

James: Late Night Musings

A passage from Same Time Tomorrow; enjoy.....

He was awake, lying in bed in the guest room, staring at the ceiling, feeling her absense. He wanted her here, in his arms, her breath soft against his bare chest. He wanted to hold her, to kiss her, to make love with her, to do
anything that would comfort her. Yet that was a line he would not cross. Not like this.
            Gabriel sighed in the darkness, thinking of the woman who was lying a few yards away, beyond that wall. Chloe had him completely captivated. And now she was in pain, losing her rock, the one person she could always count on. That’s why I’m here. Not to get lucky. Stop thinking that way.
            He thought of his grandmother, of the way she had been his rock, his constant, after the deaths of his parents. There would come a day, he knew, when she would pass away. While he understood that in his mind, it was something he didn’t know how he’d react to. Gran, how do I help her?
            Gabriel sat up in bed. I came to her. She needed me, and I came. It’s that simple. Just... be there with her. Hold her hand. Let her cry when she needs it. Get  her to laugh when she needs that. It was easier said then done. He settled back under the covers, closed his eyes, tried to sleep. How the hell did I get this close to a Barry Manilow fan of all people? The thought at least brought out a smile.
            Fading off into dreams at last, he found himself back at the party. And instead of a fire alarm breaking things up,  he walked across the room, to her. She was standing there, looking so beautiful, like a goddess. He extended a hand, taking hers gently, kissing her hand. He looked into her eyes, such beautiful green eyes. And then his lips met hers, and her arms enfolded him, and they were together. Their mouths opened, and the kiss deepened, their tongues finding each other. The taste of her was intoxicating. It was everything he ever wanted.
            The dream changed. They were together in bed, naked, the room lit by the fireplace. She was lying on her back, and his head was down between her legs, his hands cupping her breasts. His tongue drove inside her, into the moist warmth,. stroking, licking, stimulating. She groaned softly, calling out his name, her body trembling as she climaxed, her voice louder as she cried out....
            He woke up, sitting up in the dark, shaken. And aroused.

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