Thursday, September 30, 2010

James: Getting Into Bed

After taking our time with our characters, Scarlett and I have finally got them into bed. (Hey! Watch what you're thinking! Yes, you!)

And actually doing something in bed, mind you.

Gabriel and Chloe have been sharing a bed for some days in our narrative. Since the night they first saw each other, they've been on each others' minds. Bringing them together in the way we have was, in the end, the right way to do it. We established a bond between them, brought them into close quarters because of a health crisis, and deepened that bond in the process.

Being in close quarters, learning more about each other, and coping with the crisis in question has also strengthened a mutual attraction. It led them into sharing a bed, yet they weren't acting on their attraction (as much as both would have wanted to, of course).

Well, now they're back home, in Chloe's home, and the reason for not acting has been set aside too. And that led us to write our latest chapter, which, of course, features a whole lot of carnal explorations, horizontal tango, and the connection of body parts.

Writing it has been an experience. A lot of sexual tension and chemistry for these two has been building, and bringing them to this point has definitely been worth it.

What's to come? We've got ideas and plans in mind, and much more to come....

When it comes to reading Chapter Eleven down the line... it might be best done without prying eyes about. Or prying ears. And a shower might be in order afterwards....

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