Wednesday, September 29, 2010

James: Getting Under The Covers

Well, since my esteemed partner has already introduced us, in effect, I'll add my own remarks. Yes, as Scarlett says, I'm an oral sort of person, and she should know. Mind you, so is she. And there's this thing she does with her tongue that can make me melt.

But I digress. We're setting out on this very fun, very sensual project together, and the things we get to talking about... well, let's just say, we're both getting overheated.

Stick around with us. We'll keep you updated on the games we're playing with our characters (taking them to bed just seems a bit odd, but we might be called odd), and we might even post passages. Just make sure you're not in the company of children. Some of this gets pretty steamy, you know...

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