Wednesday, September 29, 2010

James: Teasing



It can be a very sexy word, when used right.
Scarlett and I are writing Chloe and Gabriel's initial contact online at the moment, and it's coming together (double entendre intended) perfectly well. Yes, I know, you've all seen that cherry cordial scene we copied, so you know where it's going. Bear with me.
It seems our Chloe is finding herself in a foot-in-her-mouth moment, and Gabriel is having a bit of fun at her expense. Embarrassment and red cheeks must ensue (not that kind of red cheeks, how dare you even think of what I was thinking!) And so with this, the game's afoot, as Holmes might say.
Well, to make a long story short, teasing leads to flirting, even with Chloes' reprehensible taste in pop music. Yes, that's right. Reprehensible. How else can we describe the man who brought Mandy into the world?

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