Thursday, September 30, 2010

James: Trying To Behave

A short passage from Same Time Tomorrow, from our chapter eight....

            He could feel her snuggle closer to him in the bed at the sound of his words, felt her breath at his neck, the form of her body close to his own. It had an erotic energy all of its own. Think about something not sexy at all, lad, or you won
t be able to stop yourself, he told himself with a smile.
I definitely dont want you to be there alone. Her voice was full of promise, and it was enough to drive him over the edge. Lets see here, what would do the job? Thinking about Mrs. Wallace, the sadist music  teacher back in grade three? Thatll do the trick, getting me out of the mood. She could have taught cruelty lessons to Hitler. She probably did. Chloes voice reached him. Hey, Gabriel?
Sorry. Trying to behave myself, thinking about things that arent sexy.
She laughed, softly, a sound he loved. Then she shifted slightly, kissed him on the lips. You wont have to behave too long. Promise. She settled back in his arms, resting. He listened to the quiet, felt her breathing against him, slowly relaxing, drifting into sleep. Gabriel stayed awake, enjoying how right it felt to be here with her. Good night, Chloe. Pleasant dreams.

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