Thursday, September 30, 2010

James: Condoms and Plain Brown Wrapping

Caught your attention, did that?
Scarlett and I have been writing, and passing ideas back and forth. One of the things that we've talked about in the last couple of days is marketing. She talked about the idea of marking condoms with our book title. Certainly some readers will feel the need to make use of them. At least that's the idea, right? Otherwise we're doing something wrong.
It's a nice marketing tool, and the title itself, Same Time Tomorrow, has a certain playfulness when you apply it to condoms. Pun intended, by the way. Of course, if condoms were marked with that title, does that suggest the condoms would be re-used? There's a topic for another discussion, and perhaps not a pleasant one.
That brought us to talk about how such books were marketed back in the day. Some books decades ago were kept out of sight, or wrapped discreetly. These days, shops have shelf areas for erotica, so anything goes. Aside from putting the erotica shelf right by the kids' section, of course. You can find whatever you're after. Bondage. Group sex. Threesomes. One night stands. Airplane sex. Naughty nuns. Obviously in book form. If you're actually looking for these to experience (I recommend naughty nuns), well... talk to us afterwards.
My point's this: we're well past the point where books like this were held behind counters or wrapped in brown paper. It's out there, in your face, daring you to pick it up. Just be careful where you read it. You don't want strangers seeing you blush, do you? At least not unless you like that sort of thing...

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