Thursday, September 30, 2010

Scarlett: The Psychology Of Love

Creating the Chloe character has been a challenge for me. James and I started out planning to write a strictly erotic novel about two complete strangers who carry on a sex game via computer and cellphone. But as these two characters emerged and took on lives of their own, that storyline was no longer appropriate. The games would only work for them if there was--were?--already an emotional connection between them. 

They had to fall in love.

All good fiction requires conflict, In Same Time Tomorrow, that conflict comes from Chloe. Gabriel is a good and decent man, sincere in his desire for a relationship--and eventually, a marriage--with her, but Chloe is damaged goods. Abandoned by her father at an early age, she has a string of failed relationships arising from her inability to trust any man. She's been dumped by the notorious Rat Bastard just before she and Gabriel meet. Even when she finds a good man, Chloe manages to sabotage the relationship out of fear that in allowing herself to care, she will be open to being hurt again.

How will Gabriel win her trust? We'll see how James handles that....

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