Wednesday, September 29, 2010

James: Getting Teased

A passage from the book; Scarlett's second half will follow in awhile:
The light's not quite right, Gabriel thought to himself, scanning the clouds hanging over the Lake District. He was high on a hillside, a lake below, waiting for a break in the clouds, for some sunshine to illuminate the slopes and the lake below. His camera was set up close by on the tripod, and he quietly sat on the short stone wall near the walking path. Patience, lad. Patience. His phone rang, breaking the quiet of the late afternoon, and he reached into the pocket of his jacket, taking it out. "Hello?"
         Chloe's voice greeted him, soft and seductive. "Hello yourself." He smiled at the sound, wondering how a woman he hadn't met could have such an effect on him. Her voice was like a spark, filling him inside, and drawing him close. "What are you up to?" she asked.

         "I'm doing some photographing. If the light cooperates. I'm staying at an inn out in the Lake District," Gabriel explained. And I wish you were here with me right now, he didn't say, but smiled nonetheless. If you were here, we wouldn't be talking. We'd have our hands all over each other.
         "In England? Is it lovely?" she asked, her voice retaining that flirtatious tone.
         Not as lovely as the sound of your voice, he thought. "That it is," he told her.
         "I've never been to the Lake District. London, yes, but not that way," Chloe remarked.
         By all means... come on out here. Take a flight. We can stay in the inn for a week. Be naked and in each others' arms all week. Get to know every inch of each others' bodies. The thought startled him. He could envision it, naked between the sheets with her, legs interwined, bodies responding... Gabriel gasped slightly, felt the bulge at his crotch. Damn... just the thought of her drives me crazy. Makes me want her even more. He broke the silent moment by asking, "So how are you spending your Saturday? What are you doing?"
        "Right now? Taking a bath," she answered matter of factly. He could hear it; she was on speaker, and there was the sound of someone in the water. "All by my lonesome. Nice, hot water and candles. Everything a girl could want. Except for a bit of company."
        Gabriel closed his eyes, imagining her, in the hot water, soap and bubbles barely hiding her breasts, a flirty smile on her lips, her eyes full of want and lust and need... Chloe, you're driving me crazy. Fortunately I really like that. "A bit of company?" he asked, deciding to push a little. "Is there room in the tub for two?"
        "Plenty of room, lover," Chloe promised. There was the sound of dripping water, a cloth. "I'm running a cloth over my shoulders. Thinking of you, wondering what it would be like having you do that for me. Tell me what you'd do, Gabriel."
        I'd be over the edge right about now if I was in the tub with you, he thought. Instead he spoke. "I'm there in the tub with you. You're sitting between my legs. Your back is against my stomach. We're there together. My arms are around you. You feel good."
        "I like that," Chloe said. He could practically hear her smile, heard a soft sigh. "I'm letting my hands run over your legs in the water. I like how they feel. I like feeling that hard cock at my back. I'm turned on too, Gabriel." 
         I'm pretty hard right now, Chloe. Even being seperated from you by thousands of miles, he thought, glancing down. Damn, I'm glad no one's passing by right about now. "I love the way you feel," he said, hearing a soft moan on the line. "I'm letting my fingers knead your breasts. Your nipples are hard. And so ready for me. You feel so good. Can you feel me touching you?"
        "God, yes," Chloe said. He could hear some movement on the line, wondering if she was stroking her breasts, going with the moment. God help me if I start pleasuring myself here and now and someone comes along. At least she's got the privacy of home! He smiled to himself, zipping up his jacket now. At least the length of the jacket would offer a certain amount of concealment. "Keep talking, Gabriel."
         "You're so ready. Both of us are. I reach one hand down your stomach, below the water. I can feel you. I'm sliding my fingers inside you. You feel so good. So stretched. So aroused. I want all of you. I want to be inside you. Immersed in you. I'm kissing your neck. Does that feel good?"
          "Oh, yes, it does." Her voice had a raspy sound. "I can feel your fingers. You're stroking inside me. You're driving me closer to the edge. But I want your cock inside me when we come. I want it so much." A moment's pause, and then she continued. "You withdraw your fingers. I'm shifting in the tub. I'm straddling you, Gabriel. You're so hard, and you slide right into me. Deep inside, filling me. It feels soooo good."
           He was as hard and aroused as he could possibly be. His mind was filled with the images of being with her, in that tub, joined to her, not knowing where he left off and she began. "Yes, it does," he softly told her. "I'm thrusting into you. We're moving together. I can feel your heartbeat against my chest. Both of us are groaning, Chloe. We're both close."
           "We are," she said. "I can feel your body stiffening. I know you're going to come. I'm so close too. I feel you erupt inside me. It feels really good. Tell me it's good for you, Gabriel. Tell me."
           "Oh, God, it is, Chloe." He looked around, wondering if anyone was close. How the hell do I explain this to a passerby? The thought brought out a smile. "I'm still thrusting into you. I want you to come. I want you to cry out. I can feel you tremble in my arms. You cry out."
         "It hits me. A toe-curling, mind bending orgasm. You've taken me there, Gabriel. It feels so good. I collapse against you, feel your arms around me. I'm kissing you. Your tongue is stroking mine." There was a long moment of silence, and a throaty laugh. "So was it good for you too?"
            That's a vast understatement, he thought with a smile. "God, yes," he replied. "Yes, it was." And right about now, getting back to that inn and my room, and indulging myself in that fantasy sounds just what I need.
             "Good." She paused again. "Well. Far be it from me to want to have you get arrested for public exposure, lover. I'm free to indulge myself. You're going to have to wait until you're somewhere a lot less public."
             He laughed, enjoying her teasing. "So noted, sweetness. By all means then. Indulge yourself. And I'll be thinking of you when I do the same." He glanced around, back down towards the lake. Suddenly the urgency of taking a picture didn't seem to matter. Not when he had this incredible woman taking him so close to the edge.
            "I'm fully expecting you to think of me, Gabriel. Just do yourself a favor. When you're getting towards that inn, you might want to walk with something in front of your crotch. I'm just saying."
            He laughed. "I'll do that." He paused for a moment. "I'll talk to you later?"
            "You'd better. Otherwise I'll have to come to England and have my way with you."
            It was provocative, daring. He decided to take her up on it. "By all means, do so."
            "All things in good time, lover. In good time." She ended the call, and he turned off his phone, placing in in his jacket. He'd give himself some time before moving. Yes, it wouldn't do to walk back into the village with an enormous erection. It wouldn't do at all.

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