Thursday, September 30, 2010

James: The Characters Have Hijacked The Book

It's been a bit of awhile since we've done this. Scarlett and I had ourselves a bit of a row. Fortunately it led to lots of makeup sex, so all's good. We've also been writing, and we've come to something of an odd place. The characters, it seems, have taken over the book.
We were taking the book in one direction, but in the last few days, the way we've been writing, the direction we've taken Gabriel and Chloe in, it's become obvious that adjustment was required. It was almost as if our characters were telling us, "No, you're going to do what we tell you to do." That's a lot of gratitude coming from your creation. I'm not getting that sort of thing happening with my solo work. Just an incessant need to apologize to a couple of characters.
Same Time Tomorrow started out as strictly erotica, but we made these two characters so real, so three dimensional, that the original direction we were going in just won't feel right. Hence the adjustments. We're at a point where we're just about to bring these two together for the first time, and we're both enjoying the way the book is evolving.
It's strange, seeing where these two characters have decided to go, and oddly amusing. They're evolving past their original plot, and really becoming very strong, connected characters. Don't worry, though. There'll be plenty of mattress action for these two to come. They're going to need all the one on one time they can get...

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