Wednesday, September 29, 2010

James: Pleasure

He walked into his room in the inn, his mind swirling with thoughts of her. Gabriel smiled to himself at the very idea of Chloe, of the images she had brought up in his mind as they had talked earlier. And had phone sex. He shook his head, couldn't get the thoughts out, and really wouldn't have wanted to. He wondered how much fun she'd had tormenting him, knowing he couldn't quite let himself get carried away, not in a public place. At the same time, he'd had fun too. I'll just have to do the same thing with her, get her completely aroused when she's in a public place sometime. Something to consider.
       He put the do not disturb sign on the outside of the door, and locked it. Glancing around the room, he saw the bed, and the thought of Chloe again ran through his mind. In that tub. All on her own, her naked body beneath the suds... he wanted to be there, to strip off his clothes, to join her in the heat of the water. He wanted to explore her, to taste every inch of her. Damn, what she's doing to me... He set down his camera bag, taking off his jacket. God, Chloe, just the sound of your voice makes me want you all the more.

      Gabriel pulled off his shirt, looking at the bed, imagining her there, her eyes beckoning, her body bare and inviting. I don't even know what she looks like, but I know I want her. I've never wanted anyone like I want her. Unconciously he unbuckled his belt, removing his jeans, then his boxers. Peeling off his socks, he moved to the bed, settling down on the mattress, thinking of her here with him. As his fingers slid over the hardness of his cock, he imagined it was her fingers, soft and smooth, stroking him and driving him onwards. Chloe... I want you here with me. I can feel you. His mind flashed; he could feel himself with her, nuzzling her breasts, kissing the taut nipples, feeling her squeeze his cock between her breasts, driving him ever closer...
Chloe... you're so incredible. I need to be inside you... immersed in you. He groaned now as he pumped his cock, bringing himself ever closer, his mind entirely on her. In his mind, she was straddling him, and opening herself to him. He slid inside her, feeling himself go deep, filling her, expanding within her. He could even hear her sighs and groans. Oh God... He moaned, stiffening, feeling himself climax, feeling the warm liquid spill out over his stomach. Oh, God... Chloe.... Gabriel smiled deliriously. If she can do this to me just by the sound of her voice... I'm completely lost to her. And I like being completely lost to her.

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