Thursday, September 30, 2010

James: Of Fencing And Other Poking

I was going to write about other things today, but that can wait. 

Scarlett and I were brainstorming ideas, talking about fencing. The sport, of course. Not setting up a fence around your yard. Quiet, you.
Chloe, by habit, is a fencer. We've already established that, and we're at a point writing where she's going to bring her habit up to Gabriel. He'll be intrigued, looking into the sport himself. And there will come a point later on in the novel, where the two are sparring... and there'll be an accident.
Let me say right here that I was joking about the idea, but Scarlett really went with it, and now we're definitely going to write it in. I'll only add that Gabriel's going to need a bit of hospital time after getting stabbed (or slashed). And I suspect Chloe's going to be horribly embarrassed.
Oddly enough, the idea really works. It ties into where we're taking these two, and it gives them a strange way of intimacy. Even if Gabriel's going to have a problem sitting down for a few days.

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