Thursday, September 30, 2010

James: Steaming

Saving this in here; it's something I wrote, and we're using at least elements of this for our book:

The house is quiet as she steps inside, and she sees his coat in the entry. She smiles, taking off her coat and shoes, walking down the hallway. She opens a door, finding the backroom, seeing the sauna they had put in. There's plenty of room in there for two; that was, after all, the point. The door is closed, and there's a light above the door. So, she thinks, he felt the need for steam. I think I'll join him. Her smile takes on a delighted, mischevious expression, and she backs out of the room, going up the staircase to their bedroom.
     She finds his clothes lying on a chair, and she takes off her own blouse and slacks, leaving them there, sliding out of her panties and bra, finding the bathrobe waiting in the closet. No need to give the neighbours an eyeful, she thinks, laughing to herself. She pulls on the robe, over her bare body, glancing in a mirror briefly, admiring the view before tying the robe. Descending the stairs, she feels a heady rush, thinking of the man she loves, of the two years they've been together. She walks back to the room, to the sauna, pausing at the door. No time like the present, she thinks, opening the door. The heat of the sauna greets her.
     He's sitting on the bench inside, a towel wrapped around his waist, his chest bare, his eyes closed. "Hello there, handsome," she greets her lover, taking in the view of his chest, feeling the arousal start to build inside. He opens his eyes, seeing her, and flashes that warm smile she loves.
     "Hello, beautiful," he replies, his eyes twinkling with delight.
     "Care for some company?" she asks, arching an eyebrow.
     "Oh, definitely," he answers, standing up, moving closer.
     She closes the door behind her, and wraps her arms around him, feeling his arms come around her. Their lips meet, lightly brushing first as a kiss, and then opening for each other. Her tongue probes into his mouth, finding his tongue, and her hands move down from his bare, wet back to the towel, stroking over his butt. She can feel him getting hard, even through the towel and her own robe, and it matches her own desire. Having his hands wander over her back only heightens the experience. She pulls away the towel, letting it drop to the floor of the sauna, and feels his hands removing her robe. She lets it slide off from her body, and moves closer, her bare skin against his, her breasts pressing close to his chest. Their hands roam over each other as they share deep, open kisses, and she pulls back briefly, looking into his dark eyes. "Putting in this sauna? That was a really good decision, love," she says with a delighted grin.
     She smiles to herself, luxuriating in the warmth of the sauna, and the arms of her lover. He's seated behind her, his legs flanking her legs. His hands slowly roam over her chest, while her fingers explore the muscles of his legs. His lips brush up against her neck, his soft kisses sending her into a wave of pleasure. He knows how much I love being kissed there, she thinks, feeling even more aroused, feeling the hardness of his erection against her back.
     His fingers move upward, sliding over the curves of her breasts, slowly stroking each nipple, and she groans softly in response, her hands gripping his legs. "Oh, God..." she whispers softly, arching her head back against his shoulder. He responds by dropping one hand downward, between her legs. She feels him now, sliding two fingers inside, into the moistness of her pussy. She's already wet, partially from the sauna, and partially from her own desire. She groans again, enjoying the feeling of his fingers inside her, stroking and caressing, driving her ever closer.
     "Having fun?" he asks, his other hand caressing her breasts, his lips peppering her neck and right shoulder with kisses. A soft sigh of pleasure is all the answer he needs. The things he does to me, she thinks, delighted.
     "I... I need you inside me," she says, turning her head, meeting his lips with hers, kissing him.
     "At least part of me is inside you," he says with a smirk that results in her giving him a pout.
     "You know what I mean," she says, and smiles back, kissing him passionately. She feels his fingers withdraw from inside her, and she shifts position, turning back towards him. Now moving her legs to wrap around him, she feels him slide inside her, his cock swelling inside, and she groans in pleasure. "Oh, God," she moans, as they begin to find their rhythm together. He bends his head downward, his lips kissing her breasts, lingering on the nipples. Another place I love having kissed by him, she thinks, revelling in being joined to him, body and soul. He looks into her eyes, and as they move in unison, grinding and thrusting, driving each other ever closer to the edge, she smiles deeply, kissing him again, feeling his tongue stroking against hers.
     He pulls back from the kiss, looking her in the eyes again. She's a bit puzzled, even as she continues to find herself even closer to her own orgasm. He's quiet for a moment, and then asks, "Would you... would you marry me?" 
     "You're asking me that now?" she replies, utterly startled.
     "Yes, I am, because I want to.... marry you," he says.
     "Your timing is.... Ohhhhhhhh, yessssss," she groans.
     "Is that a yes, or an oncoming orgasm?" he asks her with a half smile.
     "A little... of both," she tells him, throwing her head back, feeling herself coming ever closer.
     "I love you... you love me... and I want us," he says, close to his own climax. "If you'll have me."
     "I'm already having you," she says, arching an eyebrow, smirking. "And the answer is yes."
     "Thank you," he says, thrusting into her, throbbing, very close now. She feels him climax inside her, and she gasps with pleasure, feeling his hands around her, feeling him continue to thrust, driving her towards the edge of bliss. I'm so close, she thinks, her last concious thought before her body tightens up, her mind going blank.
     "Ohhhhhhhh, yesssss!!!" she cries out as her orgasm comes over her in a wave. Her legs tighten around him, her fingers clutching his back, and he pulls her closer, kissing her shoulders, her throat, as she slowly starts to come down from her climax. She looks into his eyes, kissing him deeply, and smiles in a very happy way. "So... if we have kids someday, how are we going to explain how you proposed to me?"

     The flames in the fireplace illuminate the living room, and the couple lie together on the rug, spooning together, her back against his chest, his arms around her. A pair of empty wine glasses lie nearby, and a plate of cheese and crackers is close at hand. They were hungry, and so food was the order of the day. She smiles as he kisses the side of her neck, feeling his right hand caressing her breasts. And she also feels the hardness of his erection against her butt. His own arousal matches hers; she wants as much of him as she can have. His hands move now, massaging her shoulders, and she moans softly, enjoying his touch. He's always been good with his hands, she thinks with delight, savouring him, closing her eyes. He can make me climax just by massaging me, she reflects. Which he's done before, she remembers pleasantly. His fingers knead into her skin, gentle yet firm, and she can't get enough of it. Finally she speaks. "You know... that was pretty sneaky of you. Proposing while we were that close to orgasms."
     She looks over her shoulder at him, seeing his smile. It's the same smile she fell so madly in love with, the twinkle in the eyes.... Damn, that smile is enough to make me wet. "Sneaky? Me?" he asks, his expression that mock-innocent one he uses from time to time.
     "Yes, you," she tells him, pursing her lips in mock annoyance. She turns over, kissing him passionately, feeling his tongue against hers, feeling his right hand travel over her left breast, the fingers touching the taut nipple. Oh, God... this is where I belong, she thinks, feeling a sense of joy, of bliss.
     He pulls out of the kiss, gazing into her eyes. "It was the right moment, love. I want us. I want to grow old with you. You're all I've ever wanted." His smile is warm, loving, and true. She gasps softly. When did I get lucky enough to have him? When did he get lucky enough to have me?
     "Nicely said," she tells him with a smirk, kissing him again, feeling the flood of desire fill her, feeling him kissing her throat, moving lower, to her breasts, his lips and tongue exploring, making contact with each bit of skin, her nipples ever more taut and ready. Oh, God.... she thinks. "Wait." She moves against him, turning him over on his back, gazing down his body, her hand moving to his erect cock, fingers closing around the shaft. "I want you... in my mouth."
    He smiles, nods, and says, "If you'll let me do the same." He reaches over, touching her hip, his fingers moving to her pubic hair, touching the outer lips of her pussy. A wave of arousal fills her, and she knows what he's after. She shifts position, lying on top of him, her breasts against his stomach, facing his cock. She can feel him kissing her inner thighs, his hands moving around to wrap around her lower back, and then his tongue slides inside her. She groans with delight at the contact.
    Time to reciprocate, she thinks, kissing and licking him, and then closing her mouth around his cock. Her hands rub over his legs as she sucks and licks at him, stimulating him, while his tongue drives deep inside her pussy, stroking and licking the wetness of her. It won't be long, she thinks. For both of us. She feels his body throb, his cock pulsing with anticipation in her mouth as she moves her tongue, and her own body is on fire, a blissful, explosive orgasm not far off.
    And then he reaches his climax, and she tastes him as he comes. He's sweet, wet, and thick. She's long since developed a great appreciation for how he tastes, and she greedily licks and swallows, not able to get enough. And even though he's climaxing, he keeps up steadily with his own tongue inside her, driving her ever closer. Some guys would just give up after getting off, she thinks, appreciative. Oh, God, he's got me so close.... She continues to lick his cock, swallowing and drinking him, not wanting to withdraw.
    Her body clenches, tightening up, and she can feel his grasp on her ass tighten, his fingers kneading into her. The orgasm hits, and she pulls her head back, gasping in pleasure as his tongue drives her over the edge. "Oh, yesssssss!!" she cries out in joy, his tongue devouring her, sending her into waves of pleasure. "Oh, God!!" Finally she feels herself subside, and her breathing slows down. She feels his head move back, his tongue leaving her, and she kisses his cock once more, turning her body around, lying on top of him, finding his lips, kissing him deeply. "Now that's a hell of a way to celebrate an engagement."

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