Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Scarlett: The Birth of a Novel

3/30/10: We're getting off to a great start. It took James half an hour (at least) to set up our joint e-mail box (for business correspondence). Then, I tried to merge the individual files we've worked on and found they wouldn't cooperate. I suspect the best route to take will be to pass material back and forth in the body of e-mails and paste everything into each of our manuscript documents.
Fun, huh? We still have a lot to learn.
So far, we're in agreement on everything. We haven't yet threatened each others' lives. No weapons have been drawn. He created Gabriel, the male protagonist, and I created Chloe, his partner in crime. We each wrote our character's backstory and introduction pages, then merged them. I'll write Chloe's cybersex seductions of Gabriel, and James will take care of Gabriel's moves on Chloe.


4/4/10: I realize I should be writing, even today, but my thoughts just keep drifting off to a divinely delicious idea I have to get my partner in the mood: an Easter egg hunt. No, not the kind of Easter egg hunts kids have. No, this would be a bit of a scavenger hunt. I would leave seductive clues in plastic Easter eggs for my oh-so-hot partner to find. Those clues would lead him to find me, wearing nothing but a blissful smile, in that bubble bath he finds so enjoyable. Add a bottle of sparkling grape juice, since James doesn't drink, a plate of chocolate covered-strawberries, and...
If I keep this up, I'll never get any writing done. Oh, James, where are you? Hopefully not with that tart Nixie! I suppose I shouldn't worry. Though a man is often drawn to the sexual banter and such, in the end, he wants a woman who not only gives him that, but challenges him creatively, understands him emotionally, and is a match for him in every way. Sorry, Nixie!
Back to Chloe and Gabriel...James and I have discussed their wedding. We're going to write the wedding scene together. James thinks we should work very closely on the vows, especially. Oh, my--it's going to be almost like planning a real wedding! I wonder if it will give him any ideas? I'd like Chloe to wear something with a sheer hood, rather than a veil. Ivory rather than white. Simple, but tasteful. I prefer outdoor weddings, but I'm not sure what James has in mind....
As for the vows, they'll have to be very personal. I suspect we'll differ on the music. I like Neil Diamond's The Story of My Life, but maybe that's the writer in me. I'm also fond of John Denver's Wedding Song, Five for Fighting's Chances or 100 Years, and Shania Twain's From This Moment On.
Since Gabriel is Irish, I'm betting James will want the wedding to take place in Ireland. And rather than a best man, will Gabriel choose a best person in the person of his agent, Olivia?
Same Time, Tomorrow....

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