Wednesday, September 29, 2010

James: On Intimacy

I think I'll write today about intimacy.
Scarlett and I have been writing Gabriel and Chloe making their first tentative steps towards each other, and we've already established an odd sort of emotional link between them. I say odd, because they're reaching out to each other despite an early misunderstanding, and despite not being face to face.
It's an emotional kind of intimacy, and it works. As we go along, the intimacy will be different, of course. Sometimes intimacy can be about foreplay, or during sex. More often then not, it's simply being in the moment. Things like holding hands while walking together. A soft voice in the night. Holding each other and knowing you fit together. A kiss in a favourite spot. Like the neck. Or the small of the back. A massage.
And it can show up at the unlikeliest time. We're working with an idea about sickness, and about one of our pair nursing the other back to health. Can you have intimate moments when the person you want happens to be throwing up? Oddly, it can be done.
Of course (and thanks to Julianne for the idea) how about intimacy at a point in time where Chloe is after sex, and Gabriel is trying to prove a point by not having sex? That's something we're going to have a whole lot of fun with, believe me...

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